My purpose as a Naturopathic doctor is to give answers where there may not be any, fill in the gaps that others left empty, and help people reach a higher level of health than they thought was possible.
— dr. renata zambo

I knew medicine was my calling from a young age, I just didn't realize Naturopathic Medicine would be the answer.


Naturopathic medicine came into my life by accident.

When I was in high school, my mom became really sick with a rare autoimmune disease that the conventional medical system offered no cure for. Naturopathic medicine was her last resort yet it managed to cure her and set her and her family on a path of true health and wellness. It shifted my perception of what health means, how healthcare works, and what kind of doctor I had to become to offer the same transformations with the people I wanted to work with. I too have had my share of health challenges - I've struggled with anxiety and digestive disorders for many, many years. Yet too, like my mother, I have been able to emerge on the other side free from anxiety that used to overtake my life and a digestive system that is healing every day.

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my mission


I believe that everyone has a right to live their best life and live with optimal health. Everyone has the capacity to achieve their health goals - whether it's to shed those last 20lbs, get off some medications, be able to play with their grandchildren pain-free, and enjoy delicious food without the bloating and gas. I teach people how to achieve these things with guidelines and tools, but get the privilege to watch people take control of health and change their lives. Read more about how you can reach a new level of health. 

Because of my own competitive swimming and synchronized swimming background, I have become one of a few Naturopaths in Ontario who has a clinical focus in the athletic population and athletic performance. I am interested in working with all types of athletes, and have worked with baseball, gymnastics, football, and runners, to name a few.



Renata is the official Naturopath for the Ontario Blue Jays, the largest amateur baseball development program in Canada. She has worked with athletes in the MILB as well as the NFL. She has collaborated with professional athletes like Anthony Cannon and Damon Allen, both who played professional football in the CFL and NFL.



Dr. Renata is a member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She is a Certified Sport Nutritionist through the International Society of Sport Nutrition. Dr Renata is a member of the Associaton of the Advancement of Restorative Medicine.